Secondary Machining Services from STS Intelli

In addition to cold forming services for a variety of components in multiple industries, STS Intelli also offers secondary machining services. From industrial plating to metal finishing, we take a full-service approach to finishing your product.

Secondary machining processes add features to the products we build using cold forming. Full-service support is something we pride ourselves on, and our solutions for after the cold forming process have strict standards managed by engineers with decades of experience.

While our most popular secondary machining service is industrial plating, we have a lot more to offer. From holes and grooves in your newly forged products to blasting, washing, coating and plating, STS Intelli can take your product from start to finish.

Industrial Plating and Metal Finishing Secondary Machining

When it comes to our secondary machining services, we pride ourselves on the wide range of metal finishing solutions we have been providing for decades. During that time, we have perfected the electroplating process. Electroplating is an industrial plating process that uses a variety of metals and alloys to improve the quality of a cold formed product.

Whether we’re cold forming your product with precious metal alloys or standard alloys, industrial plating and metal finishing are essential to a complete, high-quality product.

More Information on Our Secondary Machining Services

In addition to our leading industrial plating processes, we also offer the following metal finishing solutions:

  • Abrasive Blasting — We propel a stream of abrasive material under high pressure against your product to change its surface (if necessary) and remove contaminants. We recommend abrasive blasting for medical device processes.
  • E-Coating — We coat the conductive parts of your product with electrically charged particles that we place using water. We commonly add e-coating to cold forming processes involving electrical components.
  • Immersion Washing — An efficient way we make sure your product adheres to strict cleanliness standards is immersion washing. We highly recommend it for medical device products.
  • Mass Finishing — This allows us to polish large amounts of your products simultaneously. We often use mass finishing on products that come out of our micro manufacturing processes.
  • Parts Cleaning — We offer ultrasonic cleaning and continuous flow washing services for our products to make sure products with unique shapes are properly cared for before delivery.
  • Prototyping — We are prototype-friendly! We apply Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing principles and techniques to your product to make sure waste is eliminated throughout the entire process.
  • Shot Peening — This metal finishing process improves the finish of a product by cleaning, deburring or enhancing its surface.