Why Cold Form Precious Metal Components?

Perhaps you’ve seen videos online of handmade jewelers cold forming precious metal components by hand. Maybe you’ve done it yourself in an arts and crafts class? Think back to the size of that hammer, the size of your project, and how many hammer hits it took to form that piece into the design you wanted to make.

Is that familiar sting in your hand starting to come back? Are your ears ringing from the sound of the pounding?

At STS Intelli, we do the same thing as those jewelry makers — to parts and products of all sizes, at high volumes, in industries both strict and loose — thanks to high quality vertical and hydraulic pressing machines.

Learn more about why cold forming is the preferred method of mass producing forged precious metals, plus gain insight into how leading industries are using them in product development below.

Cold Forming Of Gold

Gold is the premier choice of precious metals, but selecting it as your alloy is not always an easy decision. For starters, gold is comparable to silver in terms of its ability to withstand the elements, but it is a less resistant metal and also more expensive.

The lower resistance of gold alloys and gold plated items makes it easier to cold form than silver and other precious metals. Another reason gold is often cold formed is because of the high cost of its scrap. Compared to warm forming, cold forming has a much higher material yield — meaning companies that go "cold with gold" are going to keep their costs down over time.

Cold Forming Of Silver

Silver is a noble metal, and it has the ability to withstand almost any element. You will be hard pressed to find a product made of silver (or a product coated in silver) that has visible wear or corrosion caused by the elements, chemicals, or acids.

On the other hand, silver is also a precious metal that lacks resistance. Because of that quality, it is a great option for cold forming processes. It withstands the elements so well, in fact, that it is often used in the creation of products in industries like aerospace and automotive. The computers and electronics industry also frequently requests silver in its components because of how well it conducts electricity and heat.

Cold forming of precious metal components is something we’ve built our reputation upon. If you have a product you are looking to take into mass production and its contents include precious metals, we have the benefit of decades of experience that the other guys lack.