Over the past decade, titanium has grown rapidly in popularity across many different industries. Renowned for its light weight, strength and corrosion resistance, titanium is finding its way into many industries these days, such as aerospace, automotive and medical applications. The trade-off, of course is its higher price relative to alternative metals such as steel.

This is where STS Intelli comes in. We are experts at cold forming titanium and use intelligent, optimized predictions and design to create tooling for our titanium cold forging process. The result is minimal scrap, minimal energy costs and high-quality parts with the dimensions, tolerances and surface finishes you require. Let us share with you the benefits of cold forging titanium and explain to you how we are the perfect partner for your next titanium project.

Our Methodology

The main advantage for cold forming titanium is the same as for cold forming other metals. Cold forming requires little energy input, as opposed to hot forming processes. The result is a lower cost and a more eco-friendly carbon footprint.

The titanium cold forging process also allows us to design our tooling and dyes to efficiently and effectively transform titanium into your desired shapes with minimal scrap. Thanks to our expertise in tooling design, we can provide many net dimensions and surfaces directly during the cold forming process and use secondary processes to achieve the final tolerances and surface finishes you require.

Some of these secondary processes include abrasive blasting, immersion washing, electroplating and shot peening. One of our expert custom cold forgers will sit down with you and discuss every aspect of your project and make sure we’re taking into account every last parameter when we’re designing our titanium cold forging process.

The result is the confidence that we can achieve high-quality parts from the very first off-tool parts with minimal tool adjustment. Reducing the validation and/or prototyping time is another way our micro cold heading company adds value to your project and offers you real savings. Add in the reduced energy costs relative to hot forging, and savings can approach 40 to 60 percent.

Assisting With Your Cold-Forged Titanium Needs

Our methodology here at STS Intelli is simple — work with the customer at every step in the project to create a robust, reliable and efficient titanium cold forging process. Our vast experience in cold forming titanium allows us to avoid mistakes and errors that could otherwise pop up.

We will take into account the gauges, alloy and mechanical properties of your specific grade of titanium and optimize our tooling and cold forming process. We treat every customer request as a unique opportunity to show our skill and talent, and enhance the reputation of STS Intelli as a world-class cold forging company.

Contact us today and let us explain more about how we can work together to find a solution for your cold forged titanium needs. You’ll benefit from more than 80 years of experience we have as a market leader and reap the quality, cost and timing benefits we can provide your business. You’ll quickly see why working with STS Intelli for your titanium needs is a smart and rewarding decision.