Steel is the most commonly formed and machined metal in the world. Thanks to an excellent combination of strength, formability and cost, steel is used in countless applications in the automotive, aerospace, medical, and general industrial and manufacturing sectors. While many other metals, such as aluminum, titanium and platinum, are gaining in popularity for many specific applications, steel continues to be an obvious choice for many types of parts.

Thanks to continued work being done by all the major steel supplies in the U.S. and around the world, new, more exotic steel alloys are proving to offer many benefits of other metals at lower costs. When you team up with STS Intelli for your custom steel cold heading, you’ll see many great advantages and competitive pricing.

Our Industrial Cold Forming Services

At STS Intelli, we’re a full-service provider of industrial applications for cold forging. Experts in the field for over 80 years, we understand the importance of putting time and effort at the start of your project into intelligent tool design and engineering. We use powerful software to predict the movement and flow of your steel at each stage of the cold forming steel process and make sure the end result is devoid of folds, creases and excess thinning.

After performing the custom steel cold heading, we can apply a wide range of secondary metal finishing solutions, including shot peening, e-coating, washing, abrasive plating and industrial plating. This allows us to reach the exact dimensions and tight tolerances you require. We are fully equipped for creating prototypes and use Lean Six Sigma principles to guide our process and eliminate waste and inefficiencies.

We will work closely with you to outline the key parameters, requirements and targets you have for the finished product. We will discuss your material selection to determine if the steel alloy you’re choosing is suitable for cold forging. You’ll discover many steels are, though some alloys may be better suited by other processing methods. The number of industrial applications for cold forging products is huge, so give us a call and we’ll be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.

The Advantages of Cold Forging Steel

If we’re so confident in our ability to offer you real value through our steel cold forging process, it’s because we know that there are several great advantages inherent to cold forming:

  • Energy costs are significantly reduced relative to hot forming, and you can expect a 40 to 60 percent savings
  • Surface quality of the finished product is easy to control and guaranteed with cold forming
  • Cold forming allows for intelligent, efficient tool design that reduces scrap to the bare minimum

The result is a smaller, eco-friendly carbon footprint, top-quality finish and tight dimensions and tolerances, and more affordable parts. Here at STS Intelli we’re proud of our reputation as a trusted, reliable cold forging supplier. Contact one of our experts today and learn even more about the advantages we can bring your business for all your cold forged steel applications.

We’ll carefully accompany you through every phase of design, engineering and prototyping, right through to mass production, and reassure you at every step of the way with our professional attitude and expertise.