The problem with a metal like platinum is because it is relatively rare and expensive, effective, efficient processing is crucial to keeping your costs in check. You can’t afford to have high scrap or defective parts. As experts in industrial cold forming, our team at STS Intelli has come up with extremely advanced methods of designing and engineering tooling and processes for platinum cold forged parts.

Platinum, a dense, malleable metal, is the perfect candidate for cold heading. It is easily formed into complex shapes without the addition of heat. The key to properly processing platinum cold forged parts is in design of the tooling. As one of the leading cold forming companies, we have the knowledge and experience to predict the movement and flow of the material in each step of the cold heading process, allowing us to remove creases, folds and tears, and provide you with high-precision components for your application.

The Advantages of Cold Forging

What makes cold forging such a great way to process platinum? There are several advantages to ANY cold heading process:

  • Low energy consumption: Because there is no heat required during cold forging, we benefit from significantly lower energy costs, and we can pass these savings on to you in the final product
  • Low scrap: The tooling used for cold forging can be optimized for maximum shape performance and material flow during hydraulic and mechanical transformation of the platinum into your desired shape
  • High throughput: When we’re working your platinum at room temperature, there’s no time wasted heating or cooling — it’s simply a matter of setting the cycle time according to the part and tool design

The advantages combine to offer a 40 to 60 percent savings on the processing cost of your parts relative to hot forged parts. That’s significant! Another advantage is scrap and waste. We can work with you to optimize your part layout, ensuring a maximum of material is engaged with each stroke and only the strict minimum of flashing and scrap is removed. While this is a bonus with any material that is being transformed, it is especially significant with a material as pricey as platinum.

Designing in Value

When you present us with your applications for cold forged platinum, we’ll work with you to design the most optimized and robust process possible. You’ll discuss the details of your project with one of our custom cold forging experts, and together we’ll formulate the best industrial solution.

We will apply our expertise and know-how using powerful software and simulation programs to ensure your parts match your drawings each and every time. Our team will also analyze the entire value chain of the process and make sure we’re putting a maximum of value into every part we produce for you. This includes material gauge selection, tooling design and layout, and forging cycle times. The result is optimized tooling from the start, and little time required for validation and modification.

Contact us today and discover why STS Intelli has earned a reputation as a serious, professional and high-quality platinum cold forging leader.