Of all the cold formable metals, copper is one of the best. Ductile by nature, copper lends itself easily to the cold forming process. Small precision copper parts can be produced using our micro cold forming process. One of the biggest challenges when producing copper cold headed parts is reducing scrap. The price of copper can fluctuate, but it remains an expensive material.

Through our use of advanced forging simulation software and tool, punch, and dye design, we reduce the scrap to the absolute minimum. That means we can offer you a more competitive piece price, thanks to better material usage and fewer scrap parts. You’ll see that teaming up with STS Intelli for your cold forming of copper parts is a huge benefit to your business and can directly improve your bottom line.

Putting in Effort Up Front

They key to creating an efficient and reliable cold forging copper process is spending the time and energy to engineer the process correctly from the beginning. Gone are the days where trial and error were employed to eventually get to an acceptable end result.

Our custom cold forming specialists are experts in copper cold forming and micro cold forming, and can design in your required dimensions, tolerances and surface finishes. They can also plan for any additional secondary machining that might be required post-cold forging. Working with you and knowing exactly what results you require helps us design to your standards right from the beginning, instead of trying to find solutions afterward. This is our philosophy at STS Intelli and how we have been able to become an industry leader in copper cold headed parts.

Copper is used in many industrial applications thanks to its highly conductive properties, either “pure” or in alloyed form. At STS Intelli we will study your project and propose the best cold forging process to get you the results you need. We can simulate material flow using our advanced software, which helps us create tools and dyes that form the material effectively, with no folds, tears or unwanted thinning.

Energy Savings for Your Business

Taking into account the mechanical properties during the design and engineering phase of the cold forming study, such as ductility, yield and friction, allows us to shorten the time spent during tooling validation. In our experience, a bit of extra time spent up front is more than rewarded with a huge gain in time afterward, and often our first-off parts are 100 percent to spec.

We treat every project as a unique opportunity to show our skills and expertise in copper cold headed parts. Our goal is to provide your business with top-quality parts at a competitive price. Cold forging of copper, like all materials, consumes significantly less energy than comparable hot forging.

These energy savings are passed on to you, which has a direct impact on your bottom line. They also represent a measurable reduction in the carbon footprint of our manufacturing process, and consequently of your business. High-quality parts, a better price and environmental peace of mind — the advantages of cold forging copper are clear. Contact us today, and we’d be happy to discuss your needs for copper cold forming and get started on your project.