Medical Cold Forming: Precision Manufacturing for Biocompatible Parts
and Implant Device Components

Medical devices and dental implants have numerous components that require cold forming processes to be precisely assembled. Hearing aids, devices for drug delivery, endoscopy and implants all require precious materials and precise manufacturing.

If you are looking for medical device component manufacturers, STS Intelli has the expertise and track record of quality production to make your medical device a reality. Whether you’re working with biocompatible materials or implanted devices, you can count on our precision medical device machining.

Check out some of our common applications for medical cold forming manufacturing below.

Medical Micro Manufacturing Using Cold Forming

Most medical devices and implantable components require precise manufacturing and assembly. If your product is micro or has micro products in its assembly, cold forming is likely to be the only option you have for completing the product without high risk of deformity. STS Intelli can complete medical and dental device manufacturing at a very competitive cost, whether you require standard alloys, or your device uses precious metals.

Since most medical and dental device projects require precious alloys or biocompatible items, they will be considered "too gummy" for machining by most traditional foundries. If your device uses gold, silver, nickel or tantalum, you should give serious consideration to cold forming processes.

Some of the micro manufacturing processes we can perform on medical devices using cold forming include:

  • Electrical micro connectors
  • Micro forming
  • Micro injection molding
  • Micro insert molding
  • Micro stamping

Biocompatible Materials Cold Forming

If your device uses biocompatible materials, we can work with the alloys you need to get the job done. These alloys typically come in wire or strip forms, and we can customize them to meet the specialized needs of your project.

Not only does this help bring your device to life, but it will also keep the cost of your precious metals down. By comparison, other forging processes would end up costing you more because they would waste what you don’t use in their assembly line.

Other Applications of Cold Forming for the Medical Device Industry

While there are many mission-critical industries that need precision manufacturing, none may be more important than the medical device industry. Heavily regulated by governing bodies around the world, medical device manufacturers need a forging provider who can accommodate their very strict standards. In addition to forging quality and durable products in a variety of regulated industries such as aerospace and automotive, we have top-of-the-line vertical and hydraulic presses capable of handling medical devices.

If you are in the early stages of creating an industry-leading medical device, STS Intelli can bring it to life. We regularly welcome low volume orders and prototyping projects. No project is too big, too small or too regulated for our processes.