Computer Electronics Cold Forming: Micro Manufacturing for Parts and Microchips

To function properly, components installed in almost every computer and electronic require a unique blend of precious metal alloys. Without all of the essential cords, plugs and wires connected properly, microchips can’t function, and your devices are nothing more than boxes of plastic and metal.

You may have noticed these devices are getting smaller, lighter in weight and thinner. As the latest computers and electronics shrink in size, the cold forming process becomes key to the assembly of each device.

STS Intelli has the experience with cold forming of precious metal alloys to take on any project — micro or standard size — that the computer and electronics industry can create. Thanks to our industry-best hydraulic press and mechanical press, it doesn’t matter if your company needs microchips assembled or micro rivets and sensors added to the motherboard. Cold forming is about to become the most important process of creating your next game-changing device.

Check out how the computer and electronics industry applies cold forming below.

Cold Form Micro Manufacturing in Technology Applications

We have access to precious alloy material strips that are only microns in thickness. Not only can we stamp strips that thin, we can do it while also eliminating nearly all scrap. By eliminating material yield, we can produce micro parts with close tolerance and other contact components that are used in computers and electronics. We can meet all custom design requirements.

Other Applications of Cold Forming for the Computer and Electronics Industry

The computer and electronics industry is always moving forward. The constant innovation means each product needs to be precise and efficient. All components of these devices should also be durable, because they always take a beating from consumers who typically lack the expertise to fix them when problems arise.

STS Intelli forges quality and durable components in a variety of industries that face strict regulations such as aerospace and automotive. Our success in those arenas, along with our experience in the electronics industry, give us confidence we can create top-quality components for your computer or electronic device.

If you are in the early stages of creating the next device everyone will want to carry with them, we can bring it to life for you. No matter how big the volume or whether a product is in production or prototype, we are here to help. No project is too small or too big.