Automotive Cold Forming: Custom High-Performance Car Parts and Components

There is a high likelihood that at least one cold formed component is in your car. The automotive industry has a wide variety of applications and technologies, but each corner of the industry shares the same responsibilities: be precise and durable so both drivers and passengers stay safe. Manufacturers in this industry share the same responsibility.

At STS Intelli, we are committed to producing safe, lightweight products that meet the requirements of the industry. We can take on any automotive project thanks to our industry-best mechanical and hydraulic press system. Whether your company needs components for the auto body, power train or gear components, cold forming components should be an important part of your automotive design.

Check out some applications of cold forming in the automotive industry below.

Automotive Cold Forming for Parts of All Types — Even Micro Manufacturing

STS Intelli develops components for the automotive industry using high-performance precious metal alloys at a very competitive cost when compared to other forging processes. Whether it’s rivets, gear components, welded assemblies, parts that need assembled in close quarters or parts that require a "micro manufacturing" process, cold forming produces durable and high-quality products without the need for high temperature processes.

If your project requires precious alloys that are typically considered "too gummy" for traditional machining — such as gold, nickel, silver or tantalum — cold forming may be the only option for you.

Automotive Manufacturing Applications for Sliding Contact Components

Sensors and devices that monitor electrical current levels are essential to modern automobiles. These sliding contact applications often need precious metal alloys to function, but the finished products cannot have any deformities if they are going to operate correctly.

For components that need precise forging or machining to complete the assembly process — such as fuel sensors, slip rings and temperature gauges — a cold forming process is the best way to make sure the job gets done right. Other devices that operate using electrical conduction are also best assembled at room temperature to protect product integrity and prevent folds or other imperfections.

Other Automotive Industry Cold Forming Applications

The government and military place strict standards on the automotive industry. Because of those standards, manufacturers also need to have high standards, whether they are forming precious alloys or more standard metals. Our cold forming processes ensure you have quality and consistency in every run. STS Intelli can even bring your vision to life if you have a small or low volume project. We even welcome prototypes!