Industrial Applications of Cold Forming

At STS Intelli, we believe manufacturers in almost any industry can find a way to use cold forming to improve their production process and reduce their costs. We are proud to provide the majority of our cold forming industrial services to companies in four main markets: aerospace, automotive, computer electronics and medical. Learn more about the industrial uses of cold forming in these industries.


Precious metal alloys are used throughout the aerospace industry to withstand the extreme environmental changes created by traveling through the different layers of the atmosphere. At STS Intelli, we have the experience these companies need to supply custom cold formed components for their mission-critical applications.

When the aerospace industry requires high-quality and durable rivets, electromechanical products and sensors built to perform at 30,000 feet or above, we have no issues working with alloys other companies call “too gummy” for machining. Learn more about the industrial applications of cold forging in aerospace.


There are a ton of varied applications and technologies used to fuel the automotive industry. But each corner of that industry has a shared responsibility to have its products built with precision and durability to keep drivers and passengers safe. Any manufacturer that works in this industry voluntarily shares in that same responsibility.

STS Intelli serves the automotive industry by creating electronic assemblies, micro manufacturing rivets and other components such as gearboxes and sliding contact sensors for fuel monitoring. The cold forming process is key to building a reliable and safe vehicle. Learn more about the industrial uses of cold forming in the automotive industry.

Computer Electronics

Components in the computers and electronics industry often need precious metal alloys to function properly. Cold forming helps those components come together — and it also helps computers and electronics get smaller. New product design teams rely on cold forming as they move forward in these constantly evolving industries. Learn more about the cold forming industrial services we provide to the computers and electronics industry.


Medical devices are on a constant path of evolution, with more products entering the market using precious metal alloys and implants with biocompatible components. Many machining companies can’t work with these materials because they are gummy.

While these devices are produced with metals that are difficult to alter with traditional machining, the cold forming process can handle them at high volume. Patients can get the care they need to improve their lives, and device manufacturers can focus on advancing the boundaries of the industry. Learn more about how we help companies in the medical industry.