When you’re looking for a reliable metal forming process that gives you accurate dimensional results and high efficiency, industrial cold forging deserves a close look. Cold forming, or cold forging, is ideal for mass production, thanks to its relatively small ecological footprint and low energy consumption.

At STS Intelli, we combine traditional cold-forming techniques, which involve manipulating your metal at low temperatures using hydraulic and mechanical methods, with modern engineering, design and simulation software. These elements allow us to design a cold forming process using tools and dyes to achieve high-quality standards. We will assign a custom cold forming specialist to work with you to provide consistent, high-value parts according to your unique requirements.

You’ll see that with STS Intelli cold heading manufacturing, you can combine world-class quality with significant savings.

How Do We Do It?

Quality and savings — two things that are often at odds with each other in industrial mass production. With cold forging, it IS possible to strike a balance. There are several advantages industrial cold forging has over hot forging or other material machining processes:

  • Our cold forging hydraulic and mechanical presses are designed to give repeatable, high-precision dimensions to all of your parts, resulting in extremely low scrap and defect rates
  • Low cold forging energy consumption contributes to piece prices anywhere from 40 percent to 60 percent cheaper than parts from a comparable hot forging process
  • With cold forming, it is possible to optimize part design to eliminate waste material, including deep drawing and precision sheet metal fabrication

These advantages combine to give you an advantage over your competition. Where required, we can also include finishing machining steps for extremely high precision finishes and dimensions. We’re a full-solution supplier, and our goal is to remove any concerns you might have about cost, quality and dependability. Not only do we have flexible cold forging equipment, we also have micro cold forging equipment for all of your small, high-precision components.

More Than a Supplier, We’re a Partner

At STS Intelli, we have a proven track record of taking customer ideas and turning them into reality. Our custom cold forming manufacturers will study your project and propose the best combination of cold forming services and traditional machining finishing. Our powerful software and extensive design and engineering capabilities mean we focus our time on optimizing your process from the start and less time doing trial-and-error corrections later on.

We have experience in all types of industries, including aerospace, automotive, computer electronics and medical. We encourage you to bring us all of your metal forming questions. You will be surprised to learn how often parts that are traditionally hot forged or machined can be cold formed with careful study and preparation of the cold forging tools and process. We take special care to account for material movement and flow, and design in many of the critical and functional component features you require.

In today’s market, you demand competitive pricing and defect-free parts. With our cold forging manufacturing, we can meet these demands and also guarantee you reliable mass production, optimal material usage and the lowest environmental impact possible thanks to low energy consumption requirements. Contact our STS Intelli team today, and let’s get started discussing your metal forming needs.