Cold Forming Prototpying

Prototyping is an important first step in bringing a product to market. In order to make the most of the process, manufacturers must partner with an organization that delivers excellent results quickly, and at a low cost. STS Intelli can help. We offer cold forming prototyping for a number of different industries. Our Six Sigma operation applies lean manufacturing principles to the cold forging process, making it easy to have a prototype produced with a short turnaround time.

Keep reading to learn more about our cold forming prototyping capabilities and the various industries we serve.

Our Capabilities

Cold forming uses pressure and speed to force a metal blank into a die. Unlike hot forming, cold formed parts don’t undergo recrystallization during the process, which helps them meet higher dimensional tolerances. Cold forming also involves less waste, making it up to 60 percent less expensive than other options.

STS Intelli provides cold forming prototyping using a variety of horizontal, vertical and mechanical presses. We use sophisticated 3-D simulation software to improve accuracy and reduce trial and error during the prototyping phase. We employ a variety of cold forming processes — including forward and backward extrusion, upsetting and more — as well as cold heading, a similar but related process often used to create screws and other fasteners.

Cold forming prototyping can typically be performed on any metal alloy with at least 20 percent ductility. Aluminum, as well as certain types of steel and polycarbonate, are popular choices. By warming up the blank above room temperature — but below the point of recrystallization — additional materials such as cast iron, cobalt and more can be made suitable for cold forming.

In addition to primary cold forming prototyping, we offer a number of secondary machining services to further refine and customize your product. Options include:

  • Abrasive blasting to remove contaminants — a common step in medical device manufacturing
  • E-coating for electrical components
  • Immersion washing for additional sanitary protection
  • Shot peening to remove burrs and enhance component surfaces

To fully explore your options, keep browsing our website or contact a representative directly for assistance.

Benefits of Cold Forming Prototyping

Cold forming has a number of benefits at the prototyping stage:

  • Less waste: Unlike hot forming and other types of prototype manufacturing, cold forming can produce up to 100 percent material yield. Less waste means major savings, particularly when working with precious metals. As a result, cold forming is one of the most cost-effective ways of producing a prototype. It also has a lower carbon footprint, which is important for any organization concerned about its impact on the environment.
  • Improved quality: Cold formed parts are able to handle higher stresses and higher die loads than hot formed parts. They also generally have a smoother, burr-free surface, which reduces the need for additional polishing. Because they are not heated to extreme temperatures, there is no risk of a cold form prototype warping during the cooling process, which contributes to a more accurate finished product and less chance of rejection due to nonconformity.
  • Faster turnaround times: Bringing a new product to market quickly is an important consideration for a number of organizations. Cold forming is one of the fastest ways to produce a prototype, as its potential for complexity eliminates a number additional secondary operations.
Industries Served

The clear benefits of cold forming make it an ideal choice for organizations in several different industries. STS Intelli offers prototyping services for:

  • Aerospace components, including rivets, sensors and other items considered too gummy for conventional machining. The ability to work economically with precious metal alloys makes cold forming an excellent choice for prototyping mission-critical aerospace components.
  • Automotive components ranging from fasteners to gearboxes to contact sensors. Our micro-forming capabilities make STS Intelli an ideal partner for prototyping small parts with exceptional levels of precision and good overall cost-effectiveness.
  • Computer electronics, including the micro-components found in today’s devices. We can produce cold machining prototypes that meet your dimensional requirements and contribute to finished products that are thinner and lighter overall.
  • Medical devices, including those made of silver, gold and other precious metals. Though easier to form than other materials, precious metals have a high cost that makes prototyping errors unacceptable. Count on STS Intelli for fast and accurate cold forged parts for any medical application.
Working with STS Intelli

Whatever the industry and whatever your application, STS Intelli will work with you to determine the best way to bring your prototype to life.

To request a quote for any cold forming prototyping project and to see what one of the best cold forging companies can do for you, contact STS Intelli today.