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STS Intelli, a custom cold forming manufacturer, has been providing cold forming and cold forging services for decades. We provide cold forming, micro cold forming and secondary machining services to leading manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, computer electronics and medical industries.

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What is Cold Forming?

Cold forming is a forging process in which a blank, also called a "slug," is manipulated and shaped through mechanical and hydraulic pressure at about room temperature, as opposed to high heat. The benefits of the cold forming process include less waste material, better control over dimensions, less energy consumption and product creation without specific machining requirements. When done correctly, cold forming almost eliminates all scrap from the forging process while producing a part without any imperfections such as defects or folds.

Since cold forming is one of the most cost-effective methods of metal forging in today’s marketplace, many of our customers rely on our solutions to deliver mass production products at a similar or higher quality while reducing operating budgets.

At STS Intelli, we are constantly trying to find ways to improve our forging processes while also protecting and preserving the environment. Cold forming is regarded as one of the eco-friendliest forging processes in operation today because it reduces waste and uses less energy than alternatives that use heat.

Cold forming requires engineering expertise throughout the entire design process to avoid damage to the metal. We have the experience to deliver quality products for your next project without downtime due to extended "trial and error."

If you’re looking for a cold forming company to help complete your next project, contact us today.

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